OMG HI AND WELCOME!!!!!!! I am literally so honored you're here. I am a huge believer in boss ass bitch shit. Something that I learned early on was that I didn’t want to spend my whole life making someone else rich. So I told myself I was going to figure it out and I have created my whole business off of that statement. I mean...I literally get paid to party with my couples. Let me help you do it too.

Ldp mentorship Program

a safe place for growth

are you ready to change your life?

mentorships begin at $1,200
flexible payment plans are available

As an educator and someone who used to be a beginner, I believe that growing does not have to be a fast process.

When my daughter was only about a month old, I wanted so many pictures of her so badly. The photographer we had do our maternity & newborn session was INCREDIBLE, but we couldn’t afford it. My husband was the only one working, we lived in a small apartment in Eugene, and we were brand new parents. I was laying with my daughter one day and remembered that I had a little camera in the closet from when I wanted to be a photographer years prior. I packed up my new baby, went to target, and got a bunch of little $1 pumpkins (shout out to the bullseye areaaaa). I went home and set up a little basket and put her in it. From that moment on, I said “hmmm I think I can do this!” The pictures were awful...But they led me right here.

I spent the next few months aggressively googling, following photographers that inspired me, and doing endless model calls. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this job. I couldn’t afford a mentorship so I had to teach myself. I always saw education ads that started with “How I Hit 6 Figures My First Year.” For so many...especially parents, that just is not obtainable. It took PLENTY of trial and error and so many times of learning the hard way. Over time, I have learned that steady growth is more my style. I didn’t have time to dedicate thousands of hours to hit that number my first year. I have kids. I have a family. I have other obligations. In five years I have taken my income 18k to 150k. It is possible. My goal is to make the growth for you so much easier and so much faster. I never would’ve imagined I would be here. I am soooooo excited to make this goal/dream/whatever you wanna call it a reality for you.

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I am ready and I want this.

I will cut the bullshit for you here. I am a huge believer that in order for this mentorship to work for you, you have to work for it. I can give you ALLLL the magic tricks and all the information but this WILL NOT work unless you work for it. Plain and simple. You cannot expect business to come to you because it wont. Something I will not waste my time on is people who just are not ready for that commitment.

This industry is not just photography. It is not easy. We are in a very saturated market full of other people who want to "make it." So my question for you is how hard will you work for it? How bad do you want it? If you hesitated answering either of those, maybe this isn't the right mentorship for you.

& If you said "fuck yeah I want it", please apply.