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     OMG HI AND WELCOME!!!!!!! I am literally so honored you're here. I am a huge believer in boss ass bitch shit. Something that I learned early on was that I didn’t want to spend my whole life making someone else rich. So I told myself I was going to figure it out and I have created my whole business off of that statement. I mean...I literally get paid to party with my couples. Let me help you do it too.

Ldp Internship Program

The Process


Typically I begin by accepting 8-10 interns into my program. Throughout the first few months of this internship you are attending classes, we get to know each other, and completing the business basics. You are added to a group chat where you can ask questions and lean on the other interns for support/advice.


In the spring following your acceptance, I narrow it down to 3 photographers to carry into the year as my following year second shooters. Their internship will continue throughout the year where they are shadowing weddings, sessions, attending my classes, booking their own sessions, and preparing to be a paid second shooter for the following year. I choose my second shooters based off of dedication to their business, ability to learn/adapt in a fast paced environment, and compatibility with me.


For your second shooter year, you are preparing for your own wedding season the year after. This internship is supposed to be an accelerated way to fill your books for the next year at a higher & faster rate than a beginning photographer. My schedule fills extremely quickly and I am constantly referring weddings out, as I get multiple inquiries for dates regularly. During the year you’re second shooting, you’ll be receiving all of my referrals. The booking for my referrals is pretty successful.

due to my dedication to not using someones wedding as your training wheels, I do ask that you are not booking your own weddings during your internship.

but don't worry, we will still make sure you're making money!