go on, get comfy

go on, get comfy

A photographer for the party animals, lovers, & mothers.

A photographer for the
party animals, lovers, & mothers.

photographer in Oregon

If you’re looking for a photographer who is good at what they do, lovesssss to have a good time, is all inclusive, and makes you feel comfy in front of the camera…hiiiiii, I’m Brit! Photographing your memories is something I take ✨very seriously.✨ I love to make your wedding day fun, relaxed, and alllll about you. Whether it’s helping your special person button your dress, being prepared for literally any emergency, paying extra attention to detail, and the list goes on & on. I’m here for it. Whatever your dream is, I’m here to capture it.

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don't worry, I travel.

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Party AnImal



(no, you don't have to party all the time. Just at your wedding)

(pretty Self explanatory)

(all parents allowed, "parents" just didn't rhyme in my tagline)

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Brit from the beginning has shown that she not only can take beautiful photos that capture each moment perfectly, but also that she truly values her clients and works hard to exceed our expectations! Each time Ive received photos, I am blown away with how beautiful she makes me feel and how natural we seem behind the camera. We initially booked her for our wedding coming up this spring, but since then, have booked multiple more sessions because we just can’t get enough of her and her talent. If you’re looking for a photographer that’s real, hilarious and passionate about her work, I would recommend Brit Every. Single. Time.

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