Capturing your love story one shotgunned beer at a time

I am a wedding & portrait photographer in Oregon!

I looooove to have fun and make taking photos comfortable. If you’re looking for someone who is relatable, fun, and funny (thats what I tell myself) then look no further! I love that I can give people memories for literally ever. I get to be there for the most important moments. I have been there for all different stages of life. Graduations, weddings, births, the first moments of babies, new pets, etc. It truly is incredible and I can’t even put into words how much or why I love this job.

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Hey, it's Brit!



Brit is professional yet so personable and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else shoot our wedding. She is so kind and caring, she took care of us every step of the way from engagement session through the big day and I knew without a doubt we wouldn’t be disappointed by booking her. Sure enough, Brit is a friend even months after our wedding and her pictures are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am amazed every time I look at them and reminisce on such a beautiful day that Brit captured perfectly.

Brit from the beginning has shown that she not only can take beautiful photos that capture each moment perfectly, but also that she truly values her clients and works hard to exceed our expectations! Each time Ive received photos, I am blown away with how beautiful she makes me feel and how natural we seem behind the camera. We initially booked her for our wedding coming up this spring, but since then, have booked multiple more sessions because we just can’t get enough of her and her talent. If you’re looking for a photographer that’s real, hilarious and passionate about her work, I would recommend Brit Every. Single. Time.

Brit is INCREDIBLE! I am incredibly self conscious and always expect the worst when it comes to having my photos taken. Whenever a gallery gets sent I hold my breathe and expect the worst, but Brit makes me feel beautiful and her photos always leave me in awe and actually feeling good about myself. She is a WIZARD behind the camera and always puts such an emphasis on attention to detail. She knows the best angles, outfits, and I have never had a photo I disliked from brit. And that says a lot! Brit is the only photographer I will ever go to! Aside from the photos, her personality makes something that could otherwise be scary or awkward FUN! You will leave your photo shoot so so happy, feeling like you have just made a lifelong friend. She is the most welcoming, happiest, comforting, silly, uplifting photographer there is. Do yourself a favor and BOOK. HER. NOW!

Brittany is so genuine and funny. She makes it feel so natural being in front of a camera and I’ve felt beautiful in all of my photos from her. If you are searching for someone to capture the sweetest moments you want to remember forever, I highly recommend Little Daisy Photography. Aside from the quality and overall beauty of her photos, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time during your session. And I think that is one of the best qualities a photographer can have.

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